Prospective Ph.D. Students

I am currently looking for Ph.D. students. The University of Bath is a great place to do behavioral research, with a critical mass of highly collaborative researchers working on behavioral science topics. We are building a very fancy new building which will include a state-of-the-art behavioral lab.

If you would like to work with me at the University of Bath, you should apply directly through the university. The deadline to be considered for university funding is usually around the end of January, although applications are considered after this deadline if the student has alternative funding sources (e.g., government scholarship). Before applying, I would encourage you to contact me to discuss possible research proposals.

My expertise is in theory-driven, experimental behavioral science research (cognitive science, behavioral economics), with an eye toward applied contexts such as marketing. Currently I am especially interested in moral judgment and behavior, lay theories, and the relation between sense-making and decision-making. This paper contains an overview of some of my recent work on the latter two topics.

Here are some examples of topics I am interested in studying experimentally (but this list is certainly not exhaustive!):

  • Lay theories about how the economy works.

  • Heuristics consumers use to evaluate information.

  • How people morally judge brands and companies.

  • How people decide which charities to donate to.

  • Marketing of scientific claims and technological products.

  • Behavioral economics applied to voters and civil servants.

  • Intuitive forecasting (e.g., geopolitics; asset prices).

If you write a proposal on a topic I find interesting, your odds of getting accepted are higher. If you are serious about applying, I am happy to give more specific suggestions on promising research projects before you start writing.

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