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Hello! I’m an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Waterloo, where I direct the Decision, Inference, and Cognitive Economics (DICE) Lab.

Our lab studies mental tools that people use to make sense of the world, especially how we use mental models to understand complex systems and moral intuitions to navigate the social world. These tools help us to overcome our cognitive limits and solve coordination problems. But they also lead us to make bad – yet interesting! – mistakes in everyday situations such as how we vote, invest, or donate money. We are interested in basic cognitive science and how it manifests in the real world.


The best way to learn more about our work is by checking out my Google Scholar profile (some of my papers are also on my outdated Publications page). If the mood strikes, you can also read my CV or a short Bio, or look into my brilliant Colleagues.

Occasionally I blog – feel free to leave a comment if you find something interesting, inspiring, or disagreeable.

Our lab is currently accepting graduate students who are interested in collaborating on these topics at the University of Waterloo, and we are also open to undergraduate honours thesis students. Check out the Prospective Students page for some examples of research topics you could work on, and feel free to get in touch with me to discuss ideas.

Apparently I'm also on Twitter? Questions or comments? Shoot me an email!

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